Warmers / Settlers


BLOG POST Activities for the start of the lesson to focus / settle students (of all ages):

Sometimes students arrive hot and thirsty at our lesson after a sports session or flustered because their bus was late. They may be distracted, over-excited or tired. We want them to get in, get settled and get focussed. So, as students are coming into class and settling down, some sharpening pencils, some getting some water or searching for their book at the bottom of their schoolbag, put a task up on the board. Once students are in their seat and to avoid them getting bored / distracted, they start work on the task which you have prepared on the board, maybe individually while waiting for a classmate to join them, but ideally with a partner (or two). You can be helping any students who need your help and keeping an eye on them all. Once they are all in their seats and ready, check their answers. This is a great habit to establish and everyone benefits from the calm and seamless journey into the main part of the lesson.

These warmers can revise, recycle language form previous lessons, prepare them for the upcoming lesson or tap into their feelings.

Finish the Sentence:

Write the beginning of a sentence on the board. Students complete it.

e.g. Today, I’m happy about ……………

Today will be great because ……………

On the way to school I saw………….., I heard……………… and I felt ………………

Mixed-up Sentence:

Write a sentence with mixed up words on the board, students have to reconstruct the original sentence.

e.g. will song today our talk sing in a the we about and clothes

(= Today in the lesson we will talk about our clothes and sing a song.)

Find words

Write some letters on the board e.g. A B E R D C I M

Students make as many words using those letters as they can. 


Write up e.g.

5 red things you eat

5 green things outside

5 brown things in the supermarket

Students have to think of these things.

The A to Z Game:

Write a topic e.g. jobs, food on the board. Students must write a word beginning with each (as many as possible) letter of the alphabet connected to that topic.

e.g. Food – apple, bread, carrot, donut etc

Alphabet words

Write one letter on the board and the following:

A fruit or vegetable

A sport

A country

Something we wear

A famous person etc

e.g. S – strawberry, soccer, Sweden, socks, Selena Gomez

Students work together to think of words in these categories starting with that letter. Avoiding Q and X, you can get 24 games out of this!

Name FIVE (or more or fewer):

Teacher has students think of 5 items that fit particular criteria like:

Jobs where people have to wear a uniform, sports played with a ball, animals that lay eggs, three-letter parts of the body … etc.

Here’s the Answer; What’s the Question:

Write the answers to a few questions – about his life – on the board. Students have to guess what the corresponding questions are:



Chicken soup.

In the park.


On the board write – 

Name 10 wild animals

Rank them 1-10 

(a) most to least dangerous

(b) biggest to smallest

(c) beautiful to ugly etc

Name 10 sports

Rank them 1-10

(a) most to least popular

(b) best to worst paid (for the participants)

(c) most to least exciting to watch / play

What’s My Name Games

1. Things I like based on my name:


Olha – I like oranges, listening to Johnny Cash, holidays at the beach and avocado on toast.

Or simpler - 

I like oranges, limes, hamburgers and apples.

2. Adjectives to describe me. Students could use a dictionary, google etc, to find and write down an appropriate adjective that begins with each letter of their first name. for example:

Olha – original, lovely, honest, active

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