Her Majesty is getting around and meeting all her loyal subjects. She was looking a bit weary so I lent a helping hand to support her!

Teaching again

Apologies for my silence. I have spent the last five weeks at Brunel University in West London teaching a group of Omani University students.
What joy to not only be back in the classroom and have the luxury of getting to know a group of students really well on an intensive course but also to be part of a team of teachers working together again. I do so miss the staffroom buzz - sharing funny stories, seeking and offering advice and not feeling isolated. My usual modus operandi is working solo - spending a lot of time poring over the computer designing training sessions and then delivering them alone. Don't get me wrong, I invariably have people to support me (like the marvellous Lidija in Slovenia, Bosnia and Croatia) but it's not the same as being part of a team of teachers.
The pleasure of this experience nearly made up for the abysmal English summer weather. How much rain can possibly fall??