TOP Books for EFL Teachers of Children and Teens

I was asked recently to produce a list of books that should be on the shelf of a staff room for teachers of YLs and Teens. This is what I have produced so far. It is by no means a definitive list and I hope to add to it regularly. If you have any suggestions please let me know. 

Some great methodology books:
Pinter, Anna Maria, 2006, Teaching Young Language Learners, Oxford University Press
Moon, Jayne, 2000, Children Learning English, Macmillan
Blakemore, Sarah-Jayne & Frith, Uta, 2005, The Learning Brain, Blackwell
Holt, John, 1967, How Children Learn, Penguin
Fontana, David, 1981, Psychology for Teachers, BPS Books
Wood, David, 1988, How Children Think and Learn, Blackwell
Fisher, Robert, 1990, Teaching Children to Think, Nelson Thornes
Jenson, Frances E, 2015, The Teenage Brain, Thorsons
Edie Garvie, 1990, Story as Vehicle, Multilingual Matters
Kieran Egan, 1989, Teaching as Storytelling, University of Chicago Press
Brewster, Ellis & Girard, 1992, The Primary English Teacher’s Guide, Penguin
Ellis & Brewster, 1991, The Storytelling Handbook for Primary Teachers, Penguin

Teens/ Young Adults:
Cambridge University Press Teen Copy Collection has three titles:
Film, TV & Music by Olha Madylus
Teen World by Joanna Budden
Pairwork & Groupwork by Meredith Levy & Nicholas Murgatroyd

Pronunciation Games, CUP Mark Hancock
A Multiple Intelligences Road to an ELT Classroom, Crown House Publishing, Michael Berman
Games for Vocabulary Practice, CUP, O’Dell & Head
Games for Grammar Practice, CUP, Zaorob & Chin
700 Classroom Activities, Macmillan, D Seymour
Challenge to Think, OUP, Frank, Rinvolucri & Berer
Language Activities for Teenagers, CUP, Seth Lindstromberg ed.
Using Folktales, CUP, Eric K Taylor
Writing Simple Poems, CUP, Holmes & Moulton
Once Upon a Time, CUP, Morgan & Rinvolucri
Dictation, CUP, Davis & Rinvolucri
Stories, CUP, Ruth Wajnryb
Teaching Grammar Creatively, CUP, Gerngross, Puchta & Thornbury
Global Issues, OUP Resource Books for Teachers, Sampedro & Hillyard
Drama, OUP Resource Books for Teachers, Charlyn Wessels
Drama & Improvisation, OUP Resource Books for Teachers, Ken Wilson
Storybuilding, OUP Resource Books for Teachers, Jane Spiro
Creative Poetry Writing, OUP Resource Books for Teachers, Jane Spiro
Teenagers, OUP Resource Books for Teachers, Gordon Lewis
Images, OUP Resource Books for Teachers, Jamie Keddie
Exam Classes, OUP Resource Books for Teachers, Peter May

Cambridge University Press Primary Box Series:
Primary Curriculum Box
Primary Grammar Box
Primary Vocabulary Box
Primary Pronunciation Box
Primary Reading Box
Primary Communication Box
Primary Music Box

Oxford University Press Resource Books for Teachers
Very Young Learners, Reilly & Ward
Young Learners, Sarah Phillips
Storytelling with Children, Andrew Wright
Creating Stories with Children, Andrew Wright
Projects with Young Learners, Andrew Wright
Assessing Young Learners, Ioannou-Georgiou & Pavlou
Writing with Children, Reilly & Reilly
Drama with Children, Sarah Phillips
Games for Children, Lewis & Bedson
The Internet and Young Learners, Gordon Lewis

Teaching Children how to Learn, DELTA publishing, Ellis & Ibrahim
Teaching Young Learners to Think, Helbling Languages, Puchta & Williams
Tell it Again, Penguin, Ellis & Brewster
Telling Tales in English, DELTA Publishing, Superfine & James
Get on Stage, Helbling Languages, Puchta, Gerngross & Devitt
Do and Understand, Longman, Gerngross & Puchta
Cross-Curricular Resources for YLs, OUP, Calabrese & Rampone
Jazz Chants for Children / Fairy Tale Chants etc, OUP, Carolyn Graham (Plus Jazz Chants = great for Teens)
CLIL Activities, CUP, Liz Dale
100 Great EFL Games, Crazy Chopstick Publications, Adrian Bozon
Mind Maps for Children, Thorsons, Tony Buzan

Plus of course, books we make for and with our learners!!

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