Busy and Dizzy

Just back from Bosnia and Greece and leaving tonight for Cambodia! There really should be some moderation in my scheduling of work. But it's hard to say no, especially when often there are quiet periods.
I was in a classroom in a school in Bosnia and I noticed the times table on the wall and it just made me wonder about how things like this are established and accepted because the tables I learnt were the other way round - 1 x 3 = 3, 2 x 3 = 6 etc and we went down to 12 x in each list. What's the logic?

As always I was struck by how beautiful a country Bosnia is - rolling green hills, thick woods, fast-moving clear rivers, haystacks in front of houses. Once they get good roads built I am sure that tourism will take off.

It was with very mixed feelings that I arrived back in Athens. The current situation is very tense and I don't see how it will improve for some years. I just hope it doesn't get worse for the people who have already been suffering for years.

I met up with some very dear friends in Athens and have promised Stamatis that I'll do much more with this blog. I have lots of ideas I want to share but I have had so little time so far this year. Things will start calming down next month - so I will definitely make blogging a more regular feature of my life. But for now I have to return to my packing!


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