Ten things that make a conference great!

1.       Great organisation – the sort that you are never aware of, but underneath the smooth, efficient surface is a team of extremely hard-working people making sure that everything – and I mean everything down to the smallest detail – is planned and executed.

2.       Great presentations – not too many, so that the choice is not overwhelming and so that all speakers get a reasonably sized audience. A variety of talks that engage, interest and entertain. Talks that get better year after year: as speakers realise the quality of presentations around them, we try to up our game and improve our talks.

3.       Great location – makes it a treat to attend. Sea and sunshine are always a good combination, but noone can guarantee the sun!

4.       Great venue – everyone needs to be comfortable and eat well.

5.       Great opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones.

6.       Great social programme – so there’s an opportunity to chat, laugh, dance and forget the stresses of everyday life.

7.       Great coffee breaks with scrummy cakes and excellent coffee to keep us all going.

8.       Great book exhibits to showcase the best that publishers have to offer.

9.       Great timing – all sessions starting and finishing on time. This may seem a small thing, but if just one person goes over it has a knock-on effect and can cause frustration and confusion.

10.   Last but certainly not least – Great people!

My warmest thanks to every single person who attended the HUPE conference in Opatija, Croatia last weekend. It was a GREAT conference.

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