I'm new to this

Welcome to my blog.
I want to use this blog for two main reasons. Firstly I would like to share my ideas for teaching English to children and teenagers and I would also like a forum for keeping in touch with teachers and other ELT professionals.
It’s early days but I intend to post reflections, teaching ideas and stories and anything else that I think may be relevant here.
Be patient there's lots more to come.


  1. Hi Olha,
    Welcome to the blogosphere. You join a great bunch of people. Have fun. Take your time and just do it one step at a time, you will love it. Realising just how much we can learn from each other is the greatest thing about this.

  2. Yeah Tamas...we are patient..whenever you're ready - it will be worth the wait!

  3. Hi, Orha.
    This is Ellen from Taiwan.
    I am so happy to "see" you on your blog.
    I am using the gesture "waving my fingers in the air" to quiet my students. It works like magic.
    The whole school calm down within a second.

    I miss your workshop. I am the English teacher from Yilan, who showed everybody how to bake an apple during British Council workshop in SanShia years ago.

    I would love to follow your blog.

    Best Wishes,